With all activities of daily life comes the need to eat, and be satisfied. However, as we get stressed out, this can lead to overindulgence and even obesity. No worries, we have just the plan for you: nutrition and weight management programs are available and easily work hand-in-hand with a proper exercise program.

In addition to our physical health services, we also offer nutrition counseling. Our staff nutritionist, Holli, is available for counseling sessions scheduled during the week. Check out her bio on our staff page for a look into her history. Our nutritionists are extremely knowledgeable in what quantities of foods, vitamins, minerals, carbs, fat’s, proteins and desserts are needed to keep you happy, healthy, and going! It’s always important to consider a proper diet when you’re an athlete competing in sports, or even just going about your day-to-day life. Together, we can set up a specific nutrition plan based on your, your body, and your lifestyle. We can also help keep you on track.

Ask for a consultation, and let’s get you started on a proper weight loss program that you WILL benefit the most from.