Concussions can be very frightening and unfortunately, as we all know, concussions are very common part of sports. We are certified concussion physical therapist (ITPT) and certified concussion athletic trainers (ITAT) certified in baseline concussion testing. The Impact Concussion Specialists at COASTherapy know how to give you the right care and the right care plan to have you healing quickly after sustaining a concussion. Our specialists deal with concussions on a regular basis, and we know the right steps and procedures that it takes to get you back on track and back in the game!

Learn the Signs and Symptoms of a Concussion:

  1. Looking dazed or stunned.
  2. Confused and forgetful.
  3. Headache and sensitivity to light.
  4. Problems concentrating.
  5. Changes in mood

Baseline Testing and Concussion Treatment

The scientific community is just starting to recognize the severity of CTE (concussion syndrome) and the consequences of too many hits to the head. At COAST we offer baseline testing and post-concussion treatment.

Baseline testing measures an athlete’s response times and other markers of a concussion before they sustain one. Having this base, if the athlete does get injured, the test can be re-administered to get an accurate reading on the damage done and on recovery.

If a concussion has already been suffered, athletes can receive treatment to reduce the severity of side effects in our Huntington Beach clinic. We offer state of the art cryotherapy treatments that have been shown to minimize brain swelling in these types of injuries. By reducing the swelling, we are able to reduce or prevent lasting damage and speed recovery.

Be prepared for tomorrow. Come in today for a baseline test! Call either of our locations to schedule a baseline test, or fill out your information and we will call you to schedule: