Physical and Leisurely Sports can be very demanding and taxing on the body: bursitis, tennis elbow, golfers’ elbow, cartilage injury, Achilles heel injury, joint and muscle sprains are just a few of the injuries that can debilitate and ‘throw you off your game’. That’s why our trained professionals are here to assist you in your healing using the latest advanced, nonsurgical methods. Hey, we love sports, too, and we want you to know that we know how it feels to be sidelined by an injury from repetitive motion or overuse. From football to soccer, baseball to cricket, tennis to badminton, or from golf to mixed martial arts, we are trained professionals who enjoy sports and enjoy participating in them. Our staff takes an osteopathic approach to sports medicine and our team of physicians, doctors and therapists can ensure our clients and patients have a quicker and less intrusive over-all recovery time


COASTherapy offers programs for high school and college athletes as well as those of us who play recreationally and who have sustained sports injuries, and we get you back to your sport better, stronger, and faster than before your problem began. We also have sports enhancement programs for athletes who have not been injured but who want to improve their performance. These programs are successful for sports such as basketball, tennis, golf, volleyball, swimming, running, lacrosse, football, soccer, boxing, baseball, and softball. Call now to start one of our fast and affordable sports programs!